Crown Molding

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Crown molding is available in an array of sizes and designs. It could be plain or it can have intricate designs, with pictures of flowers and leaves or even abstract lines. Aside from the ready-to-use ones that you can buy in a store, you can also decide to order custom-made molding especially for your home.

Different Kinds of Materials

Crown molding may be manufactured from a range of materials. You will find it in materials such as softwoods like poplar, spruce and pine and these wood species are easily available, relatively cheap and also easy to cut and install. It might also be made from wood species like oak, mahogany and walnut but these are more expensive and setup is slightly more complex as well.

You will also find crown molding made of medium density board. This is also called MDF. Apart from this, you can buy hi-density polyurethane foam crown molding which is extremely easy to paint and finish. MDF is a little heavy and is difficult to install. On the other hand, the one made of foam is light, easy to manage and can be attached quickly with the use of an adhesive. You do not require hardware such as nails to attach it to ceilings, walls or frames. Another plus as far as MDF or foam are worried is that both these substances don’t warp, shrink or expand in the way wood does. They aren’t influenced by climatic changes. On the other hand, temperature fluctuations and changes in humidity can affect wood crown molding.

Another important element in crown molding is your profile. Wood can be painted or polished while foam and MDF can also be made to look like wood and a similar conclusion can be achieved. It can also be painted or made to seem like veneer.

The options in terms of style and design are numerous as well. You can order custom made crown molding which will give your house a unique and appealing look. You may give them a style of your choice, which will them match the rest of the d├ęcor in your house. It is a excellent way to add the attraction quotient to your dwelling. The custom made designs will have to be arranged in advance and you’ll be able to offer the manufacturing company with an image of the designs you require.

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